Welcome to the official DimitriBrothers .oinion site please take advantage of our buying guide which can be found on the "Process for ordering page", please also read our site in full before placing an order.

Australia's newest, best and purest DMT supplier that's just hit the scene and will be here for the long hual. We are providing pure NN-DMT extracted with love and professionalism from the WA Native Acacia Acuminata. We will be expanding into offering MHRB extracted DMT in the not too distant future. We are also in the process of getting EC test results done, credit for this goes to one customer I am honored to be dealing with but who shall remain nameless until he decides he wants to come forward with the results. What you get from us is in freebase form and is ideally Vaporized, but you can also smoke it with a bong. Simply sandwich your DMT between a layer of herb/weed and try avoid putting the direct flame to the crystals. We are based in WA so orders to the east coast will take 2-3 days minimum.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Terms and Conditions:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

•We ship only via tracked EXPRESS POST for $10
•We reship 100% in the event of a non-arrival for customers who have completed 10 trades
•We will not reship if tracking says delivered.
•All orders are sent next day after we receive your order.
•Encrypt your address using PGP
•No privnote or similar will be accepted when ordering
•Tracking numbers are not released until 4 days have passed from when the order is sent, this is for your security as well as ours.
•Bitcoin is the only form of payment accepted by us

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